Thursday, May 18, 2017



You didn't know me.
I was the friend of your friend's brother.
I was the ex-friend of your friend.
I was the outcast of a group
That you loved dearly.
We may have spoken
Once of twice.
Our paths crossing,
But never lingering.

And yet
I cry for you.
Would you have ever guessed?
This name you heard in passing
This face that never crossed your mind
For you

The ripple you left
Is ever-spreading.
The turmoil
Gone from your mind
Yet still so present.

If you had known,
Would you still have followed through?
If you had known,
Would you still be here?

You didn't know me.
But in this moment,
My record clean,
I wish
I wish you had.


Probably 8th grade


The      Leaves


from the         N           t
the Wind blows

them away

leaving        them for me to
Okay so this.... is the second page to what was clearly a two page song. I'm gonna include it here anyway, just in case I ever find that first half. God forbid when I find it, I've lost the second. So. It's gonna be weird. And also bad because I wrote this in 7th grade. 07-08

This is our fate (praise be)
This is our destiny

Praise be to hell.

Sing, sing.
Sing hallelujah.
Praise be
Praise be

Why are the hearts still breaking
Why are the souls still lost
Why are the people still asking
Why, oh, why.
Tell me, why the hell are my wrists still bleeding
Again, probably 2012-13

God, what have I done?
I was born a traitor to the lamb
I lived as a lesser form than man
And shall I die forgotten,
It suits me well. I can't be stopped and
Who am I to crucify the Lord?
These next two, I'm really not sure on the dates. They were just little blurbs on computer paper. From the handwriting and topic, probably around 18, so 2012-13

I fight a war every day
that has no end or start.
My weapon is my brain &
my enemy's my heart

Tell me, tell me
This isn't over
I trusted you
I trusted you!
Remember me?
I'm the one that you let down.
Kill her, kill her
Tell me this can't last forever
I can't take this anymore

For Love

(A fantasy by: Katelyn B. Mirandalo, Fantasy writer extraordinaire)
Guessing this was in 7th grade, after I read Twilight. The comment above was written at the top of the page, lest anyone believe I was taking myself seriously. Anyway, 2007-08

And we sat on the hilltop, watching the sun sink lower into the sky. There was a pink and orange glow about, which brought out crickets to sing their song. He slowly moved his hand to cover mind, and I looked around at him. Our eyes met, and I smiled, lost in the vast green sea that was his iris.

I found myself moving closer to him and resting my head on his shoulder. He looked over at me at the touch. He lifted his hand off the ground and gently stroked my hair. I closed my eyes, so that the only thing in the world was his touch. He leaned over and whispered, "I love you." So I whispered "I love you too," back to him.

And I found myself kissing him. I brought my hands to his face and slowly moved one of them to his black shaggy hair. Our tongues lightly touched. It felt like this was the whole reason the world was made. For us. For love.